Internet of Things and Real-time Analytics

Stream IoT data to make better decisions, faster.

Predictive Maintenance

Blending historical and real-time sensor data with external data, such as weather data, helps manufacturers predict equipment failure so they can repair or replace equipment before it fails. The Talend platform supports the variety and scale of solutions needed to integrate the flow of data from connected devices with streaming data, and shift the processing to more extensible cloud-based platforms.

Internet of Things: Connecting the Digital to the Physical World

Real-Time Streaming Data

When you can process real-time streaming data as fast as you collect it, you can respond to changing conditions like never before. With Talend, you can capture and aggregate millions of events per second then instantly take action to stop credit card theft, make a real-time offer, or prevent a medical device failure.

Powering Smart Cities with IoT, Real-Time, and an Agile Data Platform

Internet of Things Integration

Internet of Things Integration

Separating the signal from the noise in sensor data means storing and processing massive datasets over longer periods of time. Talend brings it all together in an end-to-end integration platform that combines IoT connectivity (AMQP, MQTT); high-speed, reliable messaging (Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, Talend ESB); and high-speed big data processing (Apache Spark).

O’Reilly Report: The Internet of Things Market

High-Speed Messaging

All the data in the world won’t deliver change if your applications cannot keep up. Talend’s high-speed services backbone enables you to build a service-oriented architecture to connect, mediate and manage services in real-time. Process more messages per second and distribute data in a user-friendly format more quickly so users can develop more value-added services.

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