Espandi il tuo business con nuovi prodotti

Aumenta le vendite con una soluzione d’integrazione completa, proponendo Talend Big Data Integration, Master Data Management, Data Services ed Enterprise Integration come servizi integrati, in bundle o in hosting. I prodotti Talend sono completamente personalizzabili con il brand del cliente e concepiti per implementazioni OEM o SaaS. Prezzi flessibili, bassi costi d’implementazione e un ambiente di sviluppo a basso rischio fanno di Talend un partner particolarmente interessante per fornitori di software indipendenti (ISV) e aziende tecnologiche basate su SaaS e Cloud. I partner beneficiano di corsi di formazione, servizi di consulenza e supporto tecnico.


Why Embed Talend?

Our market leading data integration and big data processing solutions help you differentiate offerings with faster time to market, lower costs, and reduced risk of internal development efforts. Use Talend to support these use cases:

  • Faster big data and data processing
  • Data warehousing and analytics
  • Data on-boarding for new applications
  • Data integration and synchronization for applications (including SaaS)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Starter Program for Talend Open Studio

The Talend Channels Commercial Use Starter Program gives you a low-cost way to embed Talend’s most popular open source products into your offerings. Get up and running fast with on-demand training, support, and additional discounts.

Talend Open Studio
for Data Integration
Talend Open Studio
for Big Data
Gold SupportWeb, email support for 2 contactsWeb, email support for 2 contacts
On-Demand Training2 students4 students
CoursesDI BasicsDI Basics, Big Data Basics, Big Data Advanced
Professional Services15% discount15% discount
Term1 Year/Renewable1 Year/Renewable
Program Fee$5,000$10,000

For more information, please email us with your use case.

Compare Talend Open Studio to Talend Platform Products

Talend platform editions take productivity and performance to the next level with additional features and functions, including IP indemnification.

Data Integration

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration includes access over 900 components and connectors, support for both ETL and ELT processing, a job designer and versioning capability.

Talend Data Management Platform adds features for team-based development, deeper job modeling and analysis, performance features, data quality, and tools to optimize and automate deployment and administration tasks.

Big Data Integration

Talend Open Studio for Big Data provides core capabilities to get going: HDFS, Hbase, Hive, Pig, NoSQL connectivity, jobs scheduler and more.

Talend Big Data Platform includes support for native MapReduce, Spark, certifications for all major Hadoop distributions, tools to assist team-based development as well as optimize and automate deployment and administration tasks.

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