« With Talend, we collect all types of data—water, temperature, electricity, pollution, noise data, etc.—and analyze them to develop innovative public services in smart cities. »
Xavier Diab, IT Director, m2ocity
2,3 million
smart sensors spread throughout 3,000 cities
140 million
messages per week
6 million
units of client data per day

Putting smart cities on the fast track

Every year in France, 25% of potable water goes to waste as a result of leaks in metropolitan hydraulic systems. m2ocity is a branch of Veolia, founded in 2011 with the objectives of industrializing remote water meter reading operations. Thanks to Talend’s Real-Time Big Data, m2ocity is now able to proactively locate leaks, which helps them avoid shutting down an entire neighborhood or having to resort to heavy labor, all while cutting down on waste.

In addition to smart water management, other services were conceived by m2ocity, for example, recording noise levels in the street, indicating an open parking space in real time, or optimizing collection shifts for a 20% savings per year in terms of waste management costs. Now, 10,000 municipal, corporate and institutional service management supervisors are afforded easy data access via a web portal operated by m2ocity.

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