« There are thousands of tourist destinations in the world offering thousands of hotels and vacation options. In all, there are millions of hotel rooms that Talend integrates into our catalog. This helps us maintain our competitive advantage. »
Maroin Merzouk, Project Manager, IT Department, Karavel Promovacances Group
30 partners
30 partners’ information flows integrated to provide complete catalog listings
Gigabytes of travel destination data consolidated to provide a strategic advantage
Weeks to clicks
Weeks of development time now takes a few clicks with Talend back-office processing

Creating a smarter travel experience

The number one travel and tourism group in France, Karavel Promovacances Group manages a catalog that contains tens of thousands of offers. For each partner, the group must integrate data in different formats, and data volumes continue to increase. The group initially developed Java scripts for integration, but maintenance and performance were issues.

After evaluating solutions for both integrating partner data and providing back-office processing, the group selected Talend Data Integration because it offers a single, complete solution, is far more affordable, is Java-based, and simplifies collaborative development. It also offers parallel processing, which accelerates the integration of large volumes of data—essential for the group’s productivity.

With Talend, Karavel is able to integrate a lot more data in equivalent time, which is crucial because the group is entering the era of big data, where it will need to integrate not only product and pricing data, but also such information as customer feedback.

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