« Volevamo implementare sistemi di intelligence aziendale e analisi avanzata, ma prima dovevamo semplificare e standardizzare la nostra architettura. Siamo diventati un'azienda di e-commerce che vende pizza. Talend ci ha aiutato a realizzare la nostra trasformazione digitale. »
Dan Djuric, Vicepresidente, Global Infrastructure and Enterprise Information Management, Domino’s Pizza, Inc.
of data
85,000 data sources
structured and unstructured
Enhanced customer engagement
and business performance

Mastering data-one pizza at a time

In an era where delivery aggregators such as Amazon Fresh are the fiercest competitors, Domino’s Pizza, founded in 1960, remains the largest pizza company in the world, with a significant business in both delivery and carryout pizza. Domino’s AnyWare is the company’s name for their customers’ ability to order pizzas via smart watches, TVs, car entertainment systems and social media platforms. All those channels add up to data everywhere, which the company recognized as a potentially critical competitive advantage.

With Talend Data Fabric, Domino’s has built a data tracker that collects data from all the company’s point of sales systems and 26 supply chain centers, and through all its channels, including text messages, Twitter, Pebble, Android, and Amazon Echo. With its modern data platform in place, Domino’s now has a trusted, single source of the truth that it can use to improve business performance from logistics to financial forecasting while enabling one-to-one buying experiences across multiple touchpoints.