« Through Talend, we have developed a decision-making environment that is connected to our overall business applications. »

David Legeay, Director of Information Systems, Babou

15 dashboards

15 dashboards make real-time data available to decision-makers

11 categories

11 categories combined in one report to compare website visits and store sales


650,000 credit card transactions per month feeding data into decision-support system

Leveraging big data to make better decisions faster

In 2013, French discount retailer Babou implemented a barcode system that guaranteed the traceability of its products, and in 2014 they launched a loyalty card. Those two initiatives generated a massive amount of data that remained mostly unused. The IT department’s goal was to use that data to provide management with structured information in the form of a dashboard to help with decision-making.

To make that possible, Babou selected Talend Big Data, in part because it offers a powerful solution and a subscription model that guarantees the sustainability of Babou’s reporting. In addition, the solution leverages the power of Hadoop’s native support.

Via Talend, Babou now makes 15 dashboards with real-time information available to Babou’s general management and business teams. Talend Platform for Big Data meets Babou’s integration needs for operational monitoring, customer care, sales and supply

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