« With Talend, we have improved our 43 million passenger’s experience and operation’s efficiency. And we have been recognized as Europe ‘s number One airport over 40 million passengers according to ACI World’s globally-established Airport Service Quality programme»
Pietro Caminiti - Head of IT Solutions, Aeroporti di Roma
43 million passengers
150,000 passengers daily during the summer
25 million raw data per day
3,000 aerodrome beacons and more than 2,000 WiFi routers used for triangulation
Europe ‘s number One airport
ACI - Airport Service Quality programme

Improving quality of services for passengers and operational efficiency

With more than 43 million passengers every year, understanding and anticipating customer behaviors in the shortest possible time is critical to constantly improve traveler’s experience and overall operational efficiency for Aeroporti Di Roma.

Aeroporti Di Roma SpA (ADR) selected Humanativa Group SpA as a partner with Talend at the helm to collect, connect, cleanse, and govern trusted data at speed to transform its passenger’s airport experience to be the most enjoyable journey possible.

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