« Our cloud-based, Big Data platform turns an employee’s healthcare into a personalized and cost-efficient experience. Accolade’s health assistants have a single view of their patient, can better understand their individual needs and orient them to the right care. »

Dan Klein, Vice President of Information Management, Accolade

75% cost reduction

From 800-1000 person days to only 200-300 person days to onboard a new customer. Translated into costs, this is a 75% cost reduction!

98% satisfaction rate

98% of employees very satisfied with the service

Costs lowered

Health benefits costs lowered by 5 to 8% year on year by driving the right care

Transforming patients into informed and actively involved healthcare consumers

Once it was decided to create the new Big Data and MDM platform, Accolade selected Talend Data Fabric along with Amazon Web Services. The Master Data Management system, which runs on a traditional database, reconciles data about the patient and their family medical history from different sources: the employer, previous healthcare plans, etc. The second building block resides on Amazon Web Service. The Big Data component runs on Elastic Map Reduce, with elasticity in mind, in order to scale at the pace of Accolade growth, but also to meet the extreme information processing promises of Big Data for agile integration of any data flows at the lowest possible costs. A data vault sits in the middle of those two systems and brings the raw data in and connects it to the MDM system in order to assemble a 360° view of the customer.

The data Accolade collects on patients is instrumental to the health assistants, who are assigned to each consumer to help them navigate the network and to find the best care for them. Customer satisfaction surveys have shown that 98% of employees are very satisfied with the service; and value their employer for providing it to them. And Health benefits costs are lowered by 5 to 8 percent year on year by driving the right care through reduction of re-admissions and other unnecessary inpatient and outpatient costs.

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