Welcome to the Data-Driven Era

Welcome to the Data-Driven Era

  • Mike Tuchen
    A seasoned executive with deep experience in marketing and product strategy, Mike has been leading Talend since 2013. Previously, he was the CEO of Rapid7, which he took through a dramatic expansion in marketing, sales, partnerships, and product. Before that, he served as the General Manager of Microsoft's SQL Server Marketing team. Mike has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Brown, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, and an M.B.A. from Harvard.


Today we’re thrilled to announce that Talend has gone public on the NASDAQ exchange, ticker symbol TLND.  We’re excited to work with all of you as we transition to being a public company.  As we look forward to this next phase of our company’s journey, I’d like to spend a few minutes outlining the trends that are driving our business today and how we see the world evolving in the coming years.

We’re living in an increasingly data-driven world – a world in which winners and losers across all industries are being determined by how effectively they leverage data. In part, this movement is driven by the exponentially increasing amounts of available data. But more so, it’s due to the rise of intensely data-driven companies across all sectors of the economy that are changing the rules of the game.

This is an incredibly exciting time in our industry.  We are seeing how being data-driven is allowing companies of all ages and sizes, in all arenas, to innovate, disrupt their markets and set new standards of excellence for products and services.  GE’s Power Services division, for example, is leveraging data to help the power companies that are its customers gain a competitive advantage. It is using data to precisely monitor gas turbines employed in power production, helping its customers optimize settings and conduct preemptive maintenance to achieve levels of uptime and performance that simply aren’t possible with many competitors’ products.   In a very different example, Accolade, a leading on-demand healthcare concierge service, relies on big data to ensure that its customers get the most out of their plans. What these companies have in common is that they have tightly aligned their business and data strategies.

While each company must chart its own data-driven journey, the alignment of business strategy with data strategy will be a common theme among tomorrow’s leading companies. Winning in the data- driven world won’t be simply about leveraging the latest technology. It will be about how quickly data can be turned into real business value. The true winners will be those that can generate the most insight from data and then rapidly apply it to new improvements and innovations that benefit their customers. Customers won’t realize these innovations as data-driven; they will simply see better products and services. Airlines will have fewer stranded customers, e-commerce shoppers will choose the best products, and farmers will learn which fertilizers perform best for their particular soil conditions. In the data-driven era, the companies that can employ data to refine their customer’s experience and drive their business will win. The companies that can adapt quickest and leverage data to optimize experiences and drive strategies based on changing circumstances will create the customer loyalty required for ongoing business success.

Talend’s role in this data-driven era is to help our customers unlock the hidden potential in their data, and allow them to access new types of data and take advantage of the scale and speed of big data technologies. Most importantly, Talend’s role is to allow companies to put data insights in the hands of all their employees, suppliers, partners and customers – not just with a select few data analysts – and help them put that data to work.  This is what we mean by enabling the data-driven enterprise of the future.  This is what we do at Talend.


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