Talend Connect 2015: Rethinking Data

Talend Connect 2015: Rethinking Data

  • François Mero
    François Mero created and led Talend's EMEA operations since 2007 and has led overall sales until 2013. He leads the direct and indirect sales since early 2014 as SVP Sales EMEA. Before Talend, François contributed to the growth of software companies in Europe and Asia (such as Parametric Technologies, Soamai and ASG). François holds a Master in business and economics from INSEEC.

The last quarter of 2015 was marked by our 7th annual user conference, Talend Connect. After day one, which focused exclusively on retail partners and integrators, the user conference continued with some 300 participants heeding Talend's call, including customers, sponsors, exhibitors, journalists and analysts, to name a few.

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Rethinking How We Consume Data

The success of the event and the quality of our customers' and partners' presentations testify once again to Talend's premier position in the areas of innovation, agility and flexibility. Users worldwide are well aware of the capability of the Talend approach to industrialize processes and contribute to data integration, sharing, quality and governance. We also made great strides this fall by offering the Hadoop integration suite—the most powerful solution of its kind on the market—made possible with the native support of Spark and Spark streaming. Talend Connect gave visitors a front-row seat as customers such as Air France, m2ocity and Orange gave testimonials on the innovations they were able to achieve with our products.

In 2016, we will go even further as we help companies meet the challenges of digital transformation. With Talend Integration Cloud and our Data Preparation solutions available in the first quarter of 2016, we will be speeding up efforts to unite business workers and IT teams on the one hand, and on the other, we’ll be solidifying the idea of "self-service" throughout organizations. Self-service will be a priority for IT in the coming decade—even if some may not recognize it yet. Business Intelligence and Data Discovery tools have allowed users to freely navigate through data and to create reports and analyses themselves. Talend Data Preparation gives them the independence they need to supply these analyses to the business with informed insight. This is particularly pertinent with Big Data, because when it comes to achieving a comprehensive picture, the industry is increasingly favoring data, which can often originate from outside the company, such as stock market conditions, buyer confidence ratings, etc. Line-of-business workers can gather useful data and turn it into quality data, shape them, enrich them and finally, integrate them, all on their own. This type of solution is a win-win for everyone involved:

-        The business analyst is frustrated by spending most of their time researching useful data instead of analyzing it for helpful insights. With the right data preparation tool they can become exponentially more productive by using interactive data manipulation features;

-        Line-of-business workers no longer need to depend on IT, business analysts or any other middlemen to access the data they need, in the form and when they need it;

-        The IT director has a channel through which open up access to corporate data lakes for line of business managers, while maintaining control over business information.

In 2016, Talend will continue to innovate and revolutionize the way data is consumed within companies.

Big Data: the Driver of the Next Industrial Revolution

There’s no denying that data is everywhere: corporate information systems, Clouds, customers, suppliers and connected objects. In fact, IDC expects the digital universe to reach 44 zettabytes (44,000 billion gigabytes) by 2020.[1] Winning companies are those that can cash in on the growing amount of data available and make it suitable for use by becoming data-driven. Data has the power to transform business processes, business models and the way in which companies make decisions.

The entire economy is transforming, from the design of an object to its consumption. We are in the middle of the next industrial revolution. Real-time data, predictive analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are all part of this revolution and are reshaping entire industries. Agriculture, manufacturing, energy and health are all industries being profoundly impacted by the use of data to solve tremendous challenges: how do we feed the growing world population? How do we optimize energy resources and develop greener alternatives? How do we detect a disease outbreak in its earliest stage? How do we evaluate the likelihood of developing a disease or not?

There are already numerous initiatives underway and several of Talend's customers—such as GE Healthcare, Springg and m2ocity—have already embraced this data revolution.

For example, Springg, a DutchSprouts software provider, helps farmers maximize their crop production in order to feed more people and help impoverished farmers make enough money to send their kids to school.  Another very telling example is seen in m2ocity, France's leading provider of remote meter reading solutions. m2ocity collects and processes data from its network of more than 1.6 million meters distributed throughout 2,000 cities in order to help major metropolises operate more efficiently and conserve precious resources.

This year Talend will celebrate its tenth anniversary. I was the 21st person to join the team and I have been fortunate enough to watch our early dream become a reality. The start-up that would revolutionize the integration market, and which now leads the market for Big Data integration solutions, paving a new path and pioneering a revolution. But the best part of all is that the adventure is just beginning.

Join us for what’s to come in 2016!

[1] Source: 7th Annual IDC Digital Universe Study


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