[Demo] Combining Talend 6 + Spark for Real-Time Big Data Insights

[Demo] Combining Talend 6 + Spark for Real-Time Big Data Insights


They say the world used to run on oil, then it ran on data, and today it runs on fast data. For data-driven businesses it’s no longer enough just to have the right information, they need the right information, right now.

Take Amazon for example, they found that delaying their data by just one second could end up costing them $1.6 billion in sales. Why? Today’s customers are accustomed to incredibly fast-paced standards when it comes to online services. Businesses that can’t serve up pricing and product recommendations in real-time fall behind. The business benefits of transforming into a data-driven organization are unprecedented.

So how should you go about putting your big data to work? Talend 6, the first integration platform on Spark, is a good start. Talend 6 on Spark allows you to take full advantage of real-time analytics, and employ features such as predictive recommendations, dynamic pricing and more.

Learn how to create a real-time recommendations engine built on Talend 6 and Spark in the 4-minute video below.

Download Talend’s Real-Time Big Data Sandbox. The Sandbox includes a ready-to-run Talend Real-Time Big Data Platform installation. You will also find a Cookbook as well as scenarios using Apache Spark, Spark Streaming, Apache Kafka and NoSQL. It’s the fastest way for you to learn how to can leverage the power of Spark to improve your business.

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