You Can’t Fake the Data-Driven Force

You Can’t Fake the Data-Driven Force

  • Ciaran Dynes
    Ciaran is responsible for Talend's product roadmap, product strategy and works with customers to understand their requirements. Before joining our team, he held a series of roles at leading integration software vendors including Progress Software and IONA Technologies. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin.


Before I get into my blog – an admission – I’m a major Star Wars fan.

No, seriously – a MASSIVE fan. Back in the day, I was a light-saber-toting-wookie-lovin-Princess Leia-poster-on-the-wall type fan. Yup, that guy. In three months, the next Star Wars movie hits the streets and, as you can imagine, I can’t wait. While I still love the more recent one-through-three episodes of the franchise, my heart really belongs to the first three (episodes four, five, and six), which came out while I was still a young(ish) boy.

The thing is, Vader had insight. He knew that he was Luke’s father… but Luke didn’t know. I remember watching the movie in the 80s and thinking “how does he not know? What is the point of the Force, if he can’t figure out some basic stuff? Come on!”

When it comes to being “data-driven”, I get the same feeling. “Come on! Surely you can do better than that!” I mean, what’s the point of all that data if you lack insight? While there are plenty of companies that are beginning to use their data, there is still only a handful that can fully exploit it. Those companies appear to know more about their customers than the customers know about themselves. They have insight. It’s instant, relevant, personal, possibly unnerving, but in the end, it’s about providing exceptional service.

You know the few companies that can do this today. It’s the likes of Google, Amazon and Netflix... They know what you are searching for before you finish typing, they automatically identify TV gems you would have never otherwise discovered, and they have made the process of ordering and receiving goods as easy as a single click of the mouse. In short, they deliver experiences that are instant, relevant, personal, and delightful.

Of course, they also have one other thing going for them – they could fill a football field with their IT talent and funding.

Clearly using day or week-old data to make business decisions and shape the customer experience is no longer going to cut it. Customers expect you to have a much better understanding of their needs and deliver a far more personalized experience. This however poses a wee bit of a challenge for the majority of companies that likely couldn’t fill a large office with their IT team and budget, let alone a football field.

Or at least it was a challenge until now - cue dramatic Star Wars opening theme music…

Talend 6 was introduced yesterday and became the FIRST integration product to be built on Apache Spark. This is really significant as it allows any company, regardless of the size of their IT budgets or teams, to handle real-time big data. This means you too can turn huge volumes of data into immediately actionable insights.

Cool right? It’s almost like we’ve handed you the Force. All we ask is that you use it wisely. And, unlike poor Luke, apply it to the really important stuff like revenue and your customer relationships.

P.S., shameless I know, but share my post for your chance to win a cool Star Wars inspired Tee that we created in celebration of getting Talend 6 out the door!

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