Real-Time Big Data is About to Go Mainstream – Are You Ready?

Real-Time Big Data is About to Go Mainstream – Are You Ready?


Real-time big data analytics, already exhibiting rapid growth, is reaching an inflection point.  Now, for the first time, all the ingredients are coming together to form an integrated real-time big data supply chain that will transform how we do business.

This development couldn’t come at a more auspicious time.  According to IDC, we are caught up in a digital universe that is growing 40% a year, fueled not only by the online presence of people and enterprises, but also the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT).  This digital universe is doubling in size every two years. By 2020, says IDC, it will reach 44 zettabytes – that’s 44 trillion gigabytes.

Until now the ability to mine this deluge of data in order to get answers that could be immediately acted upon was the domain of a handful of the world’s most sophisticated companies – massive organizations with really huge IT budgets and teams. Because of technical and financial constraints, small to medium sized enterprises have been largely sitting on the sidelines when it comes to applying real-time big data analytics.

Game Changer

With the introduction of Talend 6, the real-time analytic landscape has changed forever.  Talend 6 is the industry’s first cost-effective, data integration platform with native support for not only Hadoop, but Apache Spark and Spark Streaming as well.  By leveraging over 100 Spark components, the platform delivers the unmatched data processing speeds needed to convert streaming big data or IoT sensor information into actionable insights in real-time.

It’s powerful to know what your customers were doing last week, but it’s even more powerful to track their behavior as it happens and be able to respond immediately to transform your customer’s experience for the better.  There’s a Zen-like phrase that’s making the rounds that somewhat sums this up: “If it’s not in the moment, it’s meaningless.”

A real-time big data supply chain allows you to introduce innovations into your customer-facing solutions that were unimaginable before – a direct result of the significant performance gains that the new Talend 6 platform makes possible.

For example, for existing Talend customers the conversion of MapReduce jobs (the old way of doing things in Hadoop) to Spark are accomplished at the click of a button and result in immediate 5x performance increase.  Developer productivity is up 10x when compared to hand coding thanks to an intuitive design interface and prebuilt Spark components with automated Spark code generation. Talend 6 also provides a built-in Lambda architecture that provides a single environment for working with bulk and batch, real-time, streaming and IoT data.

More important however than the technical specifications of Talend 6, is what the platform powers for companies and the innumerable uses cases that are created when you can ask your data anything and receive an answer in an instant.

A Few Use Cases Highlighting the Real-Time Big Data Difference

Here are just a few examples of the power of real-time big data made possible by the Talend platform:

- Healthcare - Medical alert pendants, some with motion detectors, allow the elderly to connect directly with a dispatcher should they become incapacitated and unable to otherwise call for help.

Now, powered by real-time big data, a health service provider is able to constantly monitor at-risk patients. By combining real-time personal device data tracking vitals with medical record information, analytics tools can alert healthcare professionals if proactive patient action is required.

- Retail - Shopping cart abandonment — when shoppers put merchandise in an online cart, but leave before completing the purchase — is a significant challenge for retailers. According to BI Intelligence, a staggering $4 trillion worth of merchandise will be abandoned in shopping carts this year. Without real-time big data analytic capabilities, the only thing retailers are able to track is the extent of the loss.

Spark-powered data integration, coupled with Spark-enabled analytics, provides organizations the speed and agility needed to begin to tackle the issue of shopping card abandonment. With the ability to process real-time big data, companies can not only predict shopper behavior but also automatically deliver incentives to ensure shoppers complete their purchases.

- Agriculture - Historically, farmers would submit a physical soil sample to a service and weeks later receive an analysis telling them what actions to take to maximize a harvest.

Talend 6 support for Spark data integration and analytics allows services to correlate multiple sources of structured and unstructured data – data from the field combined with historical lab data – to deliver analysis and reporting within seconds. This allows farmers to make informed moment-by-moment management decisions.

Democratization of Real-Time Analytics

With this new release, Talend is providing the first real-time big data integration platform with the potential to totally transform how organizations of all sizes do business.  Real-time analytics capabilities are no longer just for the deep-pocketed few.

It also means that you may be at a competitive disadvantage if you don't embrace real-time big data analytics using an integrated, cost-effective platform like Talend 6.

But the impact of this shift to real-time analytics has even further reaching implications.  Beyond the obvious advantages inherent in real-time marketing, other parts of the business – from manufacturing and supply chain management to human resources – can benefit as well. This is an excellent opportunity for IT to collaborate with other parts of the business to make the most of the real-time big data supply chain and explore innovative new ways to use this advanced technology.

A new era has begun.

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