Highlights of Version 5.4

Highlights of Version 5.4

This week, we released v5.4.1 and activated support on this release to all our customers. I’m very excited about this new release that provides our community users and customers with many major enhancements.

Let me start by highlighting the new top features in big data. We now fully support YARN (MapReduce v2.0) so users can immediately benefit from the best resource management (optimization and scheduling) offered by YARN for an improved performance and scalability.

Directly available at design stage are the respective Map & Reduce split indicators that are displayed when you add any component onto your Hadoop Job. This major feature thus shows on the fly how Map and Reduce jobs are generated and helps you optimize your job without the need for mastering the MapReduce paradigm.

With security still a major concern in Hadoop in general, we provide enhanced Kerberos support for most of the Hadoop distributions available on the market.

One core concept in Talend is the unified platform. This unified platform allows us to leverage all Talend product lines, Big Data, Data Integration, Data Quality, MDM, ESB and BPM. Just as an example of this seamless integration, in v5.4, additional Data Quality matching components are now enabled to run on Hadoop by leveraging our MapReduce native code generation.

This v5.4 release also brings a number of major features specific to each product line. In Data Integration, you can now leverage Amazon EC2, letting DevOps automatically start and provision cloud instances with your Talend Job, and shut down instances when the jobs have completed. You can also leverage large Cloud infrastructures and pay only for the time you use these Cloud services Speaking about Cloud, a lot of new or enhanced connectors have been added, for example, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) or Google Storage.

Some major updates have been made in ESB to simplify the work of DevOps when they  manage runtime systems via an enhanced event management, and improve usability of the Service Registry for a better SOA governance experience. Additionally, new enhanced features now help create seamless ESB–to-BPM integration such as the support for Business Correlation Information across these two product lines.

In Master Data Management, we introduced new features for integrated matching and survivorship. We also reinforced the link with the BPM layer, that is used for the workflow capability of Talend MDM.

Here are some screenshots of those new features:

MapReduce indicators

Cloud service management

Event management in Talend Administration Center

Integrated matching in the staging area


PS: More information is available in the Talend Help Center:


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