Mese: Agosto 2015

Beyond “The Data Vault”

  In my last blog “What is ‘The Data Vault’ and why do we need it?” I introduced a fresh, compelling methodology for data warehouse modeling authored and invented by Dan Linstedt ( called ‘the Data Vault’.  Solving the many characteristic and inherent problems found in crafting an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), I discussed how […]

On the Road to MDM

  Think big, but start small.  This is particularly good advice if you plan on implementing a master data management (MDM) system any time in the near future. MDM is an extremely powerful technology that can yield astonishing results.  But like any complex, highly effective discipline it is best approached systematically and incrementally. First, just […]

OSGI Service Containers

  The first post in this series provided a look at the definition of a Container.  The second post in the series explored how Platforms leverage Containers to deliver SOA design patterns at internet scale in the Cloud.  This post presents a simplified example of applying Container architecture for extensible business infrastructure.  It then addresses […]