Mese: Giugno 2015

Spaghetti alla Cloud: Prevent IT Indigestion today! (Part II)

  In part I of this two-part post, we learned why the IT architecture supporting modern business feels bloated when cloud computing was supposed to be a liberating, game-changing paradigm instead, and why it is critical to address this issue as soon as possible. Solutions for Cloud Integration Cloud Service Integration solutions, also known as […]

Why Everyone Will Become a Part-Time Data Scientist

  Your job description just changed. Take a look around you – Big Data is no longer a buzzword. Data volumes are exploding and so are the opportunities to understand your customers, create new business, and optimize your existing operations. No matter what your current core competencies, if you’re not a part-time data scientist now, […]

The Union of Real-Time and Batch Integration Opens Up New Development Possibilities

  Hadoop’s Big Data processing platforms feature two integration modes that correspond to different types of usage, but are being used interchangeably with increasing frequency. “Batch” or “asynchronous” mode enables the programming of typically overnight processing. Examples of using batch mode include a bank branch integrating the day’s deposits into its books, a distributor using […]

Spaghetti alla Cloud: Prevent IT Indigestion today! (Part I)

Tags: cloud, saas, big data,   Spaghetti alla Cloud? It’s what’s on the menu for most organizations today. With the explosion of popularity for SaaS applications, as well PaaS (Cloud platforms) and IaaS (Cloud Infrastructures), most IT architectures and business flows resemble a moving, tangled mess of noodles. I’m pretty sure that if you dig […]