Mese: Gennaio 2015

Open Source ETL Tools – Open for Business!

With all the hype and interest in Big Data lately, open source ETL tools seem to have taken a back seat. MapReduce, Yarn, Spark, and Storm are gaining significant attention, but it also should be noted that Talend’s ETL business and our thousands of ETL customers are thriving. In fact, the data integration market has […]

7 Reasons to “Unify” Your Application and Data Integration Teams and Tools

I recently attended a Gartner presentation on the convergence of Application and Data Integration at their Application Architecture, Development and Integration conference.  During the talk they stressed that “chasms exist between application- and data-oriented people and tools” and that digital businesses have to break down these barriers in order to succeed.  Gartner research shows that […]

Customer Data Platform: Toward the personalization of customer experiences in real time

Big data has monopolized media coverage in the past few years.  While many articles have covered the benefits of big data to organizations, in terms of customer knowledge, process optimization or improvements in predictive capabilities, few have detailed methods for how these benefits can be realized. Yet, the technology is now mature and proven. Pioneers […]