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Il Learning Management System (LMS) di Talend consente di apprendere con la massima flessibilità in un ambiente virtuale realistico che include software Talend, istruzioni passo per passo, file e applicazioni di supporto.

Elenco di moduli on-demand

Talend Data Quality Essentials

2 days (14 hours)

Talend Studio for Data Quality enables business users and data management teams to assess the quality of data in any data source. This product also lets you verify data completeness, accuracy, and integrity in preparation for data migration, instance consolidation, and data integration.

This course is designed to help you immediately utilize Talend Studio for Data Quality. You learn how to evaluate data quality according to a set of metrics and thresholds based on indicators, models, and rules for each data item to be analyzed or monitored.

Talend ESB Basics

2 days (14 hours)

Talend ESB is a reliable and scalable enterprise service bus (ESB) that lets development teams manage integration projects in a holistic manner, combining integration of applications and data management in complex and heterogeneous computing environments.

This course presents the basics of Talend ESB, providing theoretical and practical knowledge on its capabilities, its components, and using it to complete integration projects.


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